As pharmacists, we want to be Integrating Pharmacists that
  • Are equipped with medical information and are able to follow the patients,
  • Comprehended and adapted to the retail behavior models,
  • Can touch the feelings of the consumers and interact,
  • Reveal the health and beauty needs can respond to these needs,
  • Are aware of the preferences and habits of the new generation patients, customers, consumers,
  • Have a sound grasp on the communication habits of the digitalizing world,
  • Are equipped with technology, 
  • Enriched their knowledge and skills.

We want our Business Partners to be our stakeholders that
  • Are stakeholders to pharmacy and a member of the team,
  • Actively and effectively contribute new knowledge and innovations to the pharmacists and pharmacy teams with trainings and projects,
  • Approach pharmacies with "Sell-Out" goals rather than "Sell-In" 
  • during the product-stock-shelf-need,
  • Construct strategies to increase pharmacy traffic 
  • with a new business partnership model,
  • Are sharing and whose propositions and efforts are result-oriented.

We want our Pharmacies to
  • Have developed physical structuring,
  • Have rest areas for the customers,
  • Have categorical order,
  • Offer high quality health and beauty solutions,
  • Be able to connect with the consumer and the customer,
  • Become "The Most Competent and Sophisticated" sales, marketing and service points.