Dear Friends,

Pharmetic Girişimci Eczacılar Derneği (Pharmetic Entrepreneur Pharmacists Association - PGED) was established in 2004 in solidarity with the sector, with a mission aiming to develop social, cultural, educational and economic projects that will steer the future.

As Entrepreneur Pharmacists, we believe that the future is "Integrating Pharmaceutics" which encapsulates medicine, Over-The-Counter, personal care, nutrition supports, medical and dermocosmetics.

We know that the energy of this vast and robust solidarity is the foundation for the remarkable success of the "Geleceğin E Hali, The Largest Pharmaceutics Meeting" which we conducted with 4,500 participants in 2012, 6,000 participants in 2016 and around 100 leading companies in the sector.

Today, we started to work towards holding the "International Geleceğin E Hali Congress" for the third time on September 28, 29 and 30, 2018 at Istanbul Congress Center. The congress is designed on an international level with the aim for a bigger energy and of hosting over 8,000 participants.

Together we will take big steps "NOW" for "CHANGE" to shape the future. Within the scope of public health ethics and our professional credibility and towards the mutual goals we have; our sector, occupation, academics, companies and students will be

Affected Now,

Changed Now.

We will use the innovative power and thoughts, technology, our potential to organize that the time brings to build a better life together with the pharmacies of the future. We would very much be glad to see you with us on this journey to change and thank you for your continuous support, strength and energy you give us.

Armağan Ener, Pharmacist
Chairperson of Pharmetic Entrepreneur Pharmacists Association