The slogan of Geleceğin E Hali 2018 is Change is Now...

It is in our power to reinforce the place pharmacies had in our lives from past to today, introduce innovation into the pharmacies and make a difference in the future for the people and patients whose lives are touched by pharmacies. 

We are aware that the real change may only be practicable by incorporating our patients and business partners into our change through spreading around the change we experience.

The innovation radiating from this change that started with us will open a door to a brand new future for the pharmacies.

Change is "now"!
We have the courage to take the first step towards future, determination to always carry the pharmacies a step forward and the faith to always be better for all the lives we touch. It is our understanding that we have all the power to build a better future and walk confidently towards the future, knowing that as long as we can shape our power we can shape the future.

Now, for the future.

We separate in terms of our strengths and unite on our differences. Knowing that a conjunct step taken with sectoral companies by organizing will create tremendous impressions, we trust this synergy. As true partnerships empower us, we become much more motivated to achieve better with the influence of this power we created.

 We hope this inclusive change will be inspirational for future generations, different fields and the humankind.

Now for interaction.

Here we are, between yesterday and tomorrow, at the moment where the impression of the time is the most real. Knowing the value of time, we move forward without delaying the steps to take for a better life and for the future we dreamed of.

Together with a modern, embracing innovation, innovative, sharing, organized and foreseeing structure, "we" are ready for change.

As a starting point of the change, we pioneer the change that has a large impact area, will change everyone and be good for everyone. We also invite you to be a part of the change.

Now for change!